A new concept of training, advising and career management.

Life is simply a decision, and a very important one is how to build your career in a competitive and demanding environment. Some people do not know exactly which path to choose, while others get lost later on. This is a new concept of training, advising and career management.

What am I looking for? What motivates me? What mistakes do I make when seeking employment? How can I make a change in my professional career? What studies should I consider taking up? Which companies are looking for candidates like me? How can I prepare for interviews? How does the selection process of a specific sector work? Etc. These are some of the questions we ask ourselves throughout our lives and that we should reflect on to avoid making mistakes that can hinder our career and personal situation.

Jobientation is a personal advice service to help you choose the right undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Jobientation optimises your job search. Jobientation increases the chances of finding your place in the labour market. People must find out more, train and prepare for success. Our past does not have to determine our future. The present does.